I collect Cds. Trying to collect Radiohead. After that I'll collect Radiohead Records. Cds are fun. They're small, and nice to put on a bookshelf. Having a CD Rack, and sorting them by artist, A-Z. Holding a cd case is a nice feeling. Small, light, and it fits right in your hand. They're cheap too. I usually buy my cds second hand, from second hand music stores, thrift stores, and online. If I find something cool on Kijiji, I would buy it to. Examples of some artist: Radiohead, Moby, Groove Armada, Grandaddy, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers... What's with the backlash against cds? They might not sound better than records, but they're cheaper, and sound better than cassettes and mp3s. And you can find so many of them second hand.
Payphone broke again. I travel across the earth to find another. Phone Bill too high. Quarters fill my pockets and room. Rows and rows. Greed and Lust. Addicted to a fantasy which never ends. It kills me with pleasure. Sex is just a word. Love is just a reaction. My cd player keeps looping my favorite song. Soon I will hate it. Like everything in life. I hunger the pleasure coming from the other line. I play my favorite cds in background to get in the mood. The mood of a fake love. We talk for hours, hours wasted on fake love. Love doesn't cost money. Love hurts.