The Future is Forever begun with an idea back in September, a 4 minute film that work on for the rest of the year.

The script, which went through two revisions, was finished in December.

Pre-Production started the following January, with a binder full of storyboards, call sheets, and other necessary film documents.

While at first I dreaded the filming date, after working on the binder, I couldn't wait to film it and get it over with.

Filming took two days, from the 20th of February to the 21st, 2020.

Our first location, Bell Manor Park, was the ideal setting for the start and finish of the film, an area that perfectly captured the city park I had envisioned when writing the story.

The second day was spend at Make The Films Studio, where we filmed all the blank world scenes.

Since I had booked it for 6 hours, we spent as much of our time possible filming, and we managed to get everything done.

Post Production took a while, having a 7 minute long rough cut.

I worked on the soundtrack during the edits, but couldn't fully record anything until I was at picture lock.

Due to the lockdown, I was unable to use the school's facilities to edit or record sound, which I was hoping to use to record voice over with my actors.

Thankfully, I worked off my laptop using Premiere, which was like a mix between Final Cut and Avid.

My actor's were able to record and send their lines, and they weren't half bad for home recordings.

With all the marketing (Posters, Loglines, Ect) done, the final edit was just around the corner.

I settle with the 4 minute cut of my film, but had to leave a lot out, making everything feel a bit rushed.

Sooner then later, I'll be releasing a director's cut, which will be a bit longer, and might include more music.

Here is a gallery of some photos taken behind the scenes...